Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Who stole my husband

Mike has always been anti leopard print and today he sent me these:

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Computer Area

Finding room for the computers in this tiny apartment is tricky. Especially since we now need THREE separate computers. (One for me, one for Mike and one for the kids) I decided that rather than buying desks I'd rather have a built in custom long desk much like this one:

I'm going to have it installed along this wall which really doesn't lend itself to much other than a desk.
In the new apartment we are going to have the TV on another wall.


This bedroom...it's my new obsession. I'm madly in love with it...
It shouldn't be hard to recreate right? Right?
Our bedroom is the tiniest thing and our king sized bed is just going to fit in width wise. The room is 80" wide and the king is 78" wide. There will be roughly 3 1/2 feet or 42" at the foot of the bed.
I think curtains at the foot will make the room seem cozy and will break it up a little bit so it's not all bed. The chairs would be fantastic so we don't have to sit on the bed to get ready in the morning.
Of course I'll have to pick a chair that can hold both Mike and I as we are rather large folk and would crush those chairs...
Where do I find curtains long enough to puddle off of a 10' ceiling? That's a whole lotta fabric!
Since we have a window in the middle of the wall where a headboard or painting would go I can't have the painting but it might be fun to put a large baroque or rococo frame around the window itself and make it the painting.
No room for a nightstand so we will have to do sconces. I CAN do the chandelier though and found one that's sort of close on EBAY:

and I've found these wonderful wall sconces that I think will work well:

It's coming in very handy to live in the clone of the apartment we are moving into.
Here is the bedroom that is the kids room now and being used for packing and storage.
The bed willl come to the outlet by the foot of the crib.

Of course Mike HATES this idea but we will see...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

I would LOVE to do this with our bedroom. I think it would make it so sexy and cozy...
I love this idea of two curtains over a tub like a window rather than one typical one...
Oh lord...How I would LOVE kitchen cabinets like this...
Or this...this would be okay too...
I'm thinking this might be nice at the entrance to the kitchen and then again to separate the kitchen from the living room

Monday, July 21, 2008


Which one do you like?