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405 3rd St, Bluefield, WV 24701

405 3rd St, Bluefield, WV 24701
Studio, 10 baths, 80,000 sqft

This magnificent building was built as the local high school at an unheard of price of $975,000 in 1911.
In 1924 the castle was gutted by fire.
It took only 9 months to rebuild from the interior out at a cost of $575,000 by a locally renowned architect.
It has been closed since 1982.
The castle has had a rough time over the years, her mahogany doors, soapstone lab tables and tiger oak bookshelves have been removed.
A fair portion of the wiring has been taken as well.
Since i have acquired it has became a labor of love. I have replaced several doors with dense core hospital doors ( I have many more).
The roof no longer leaks. (the plane is in excellent shape, the majority of the leaks were from the parapet wall).
The castle has conduit throughout so it is very easy to run new wire.
I have added a new 200 amp system in the basement electrical room which allows for any area in the building to have power as needed. (there is also a 200 amp service in the gymnasium)
I have added a garage in a section that used to be the band room,
There is similar areas in the building which would allow for at least two more large garages.
Every floor is basically a carbon copy so all the bathrooms and subpanels are stacked on top of one another. The building sits on a 20+ thick monolithic concrete pour.
The walls start at 4' thick tapering to 2' with large buttresses (exactly like a medieval castle).
The basement is 5,000 plus sqft not included in the 80,00 footage.
She has 48 large classroom, 14 bathrooms, a two floor gymnasium (full court basketball with a running track above), two floor auditorium with high detail plaster reliefs modeled from Carnegie hall (both with maple floors in excellent condition), several offices, large rooms that were the library, and cafeteria.
The plumbing has had the west side turned on (the building's plumbing is zoned east and west) which doesn't have a single leak.
No small feat for 80 year old pipes!! I am in the construction business (sole proprietor) so I know how to fix things, with an occasional extra hand I have managed to improve and maintain this structure very easily.
She was built right and is very forgiving.
I am relocating to be closer to family or I would keep her until the day I die.
This building is within walking distance to Bluefield state College, Two minutes from Bluefield College, and about 15 minutes from the Hatfield/ McCoy trail (a very high volume ATV destination). T
here is no heating system it was a boiler system that has been removed. Most of the pipes are still there. Endless possibilities. Any questions contact me: Lawrence (304) 952-1723 as I do not check the site fruequently.
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