Saturday, August 23, 2008

We have progress

Mike left today for his "Mancation". San Diego and then Vegas ::coughmidlifecrisiscough::
So I ordered my bedding:

and the two posters I'd wanted off of Etsy:

and then I ran across this photo and fell madly in love.

I LOVE the white thick trim and the two kinds of crown molding!!! I'm also in love with the curtains and the velvet chairs.
Maybe...maybe after we do the kitchen and the bathroom we can do something like this.
I wonder if you can paint fake wood floors? I'm thinking these floors are nice but would be SO much nicer white...Maybe I'll just get a nice white throw rug to start.
Then I found myself on one of my favorite "If we had no kids and money were no object" websites.

Louis XV Armchair $1,500

French Canape Sofa
Call for Price

Then I wandered to her blog and found this shot of an antique shop in San Francisco. Yes please. I'll take it all. Wrap it all up and send it to Hoboken please. Yes, even the totally politically incorrect stuffed mounted mountain goat. He's fantastic. He looks like he's waiting to be a part of someones conversation.
I LOVE LOVE those red velvet chairs though. They look to be the perfect scale for the apartment. That basket chandelier is really nice as well.
That's it. I'm going to bed...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


YUCK! This is the current closet situation in our bedroom. There were gold colored sliding mirrored doors that I HATE HATE HATE. I had Mike remove the remaining door this morning (I was very dramatic about it. I HATE these doors! Get them OUT of my sight! BEGONE foul creatures!)
So Mike removed them and this is what I'm left with:

As my grandmother would say..."Not So Hotsy Totsy"
Especially since it's the view from the bed...
Wouldn't one of these ideas be nicer? I'm sensing weekend project..

Chalkboard wall

Monday, August 18, 2008

Random Apt Photos

The kids room which has turned out to be a shrine to IKEA.Installing Mike's new 42" LCD's a MONSTER.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Hooray! It FITS! IT FITS!

Our horrid horrid couch that's being throw out the second we get a new one and the table I'm going to repaint

Urban Outfitters?!

Seriously. I had no idea. They have furniture! And it's not bad looking either. I'm actually considering it for the new place...

I love this one. I think the color would be perfect in the new place

I LOVE this bench and love the idea of it at the foot of the bed if it will fit...

This would be perfect as secondary or backup seating

56"w, 27"h, 24"d; bed folds out to 46"w, 73"d

I'm going to give myself an ulcer worrying about the bed fitting today. I'm so worried it's going to be too big for the room.
If it is and my measurements are off then we will get a queen and I'm going to get this headboardI SO dig on this sofa

84"w, 33"h, 38"d; fully reclined bed is 76"w and 47.5"d