Wednesday, June 18, 2008

More Ideas

If you click on the image you can see the details better.
Pocket doors seem to make a whole lot of sense to me in a small apartment...

Marble Countertops and an all white kitchen...yummy
This...this kitchen with not a single solitary wall hung cabinet is divine. I love the look...

Room Colors...

Benjamin Moore paint colors
Main color -Evening Dove
Trim color - Muslin
Accent color Gentlemans Gray
Main color - I love you pink
Trim Color - Coco Butter/
Accent Color -Pink Cherub

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Monday, June 16, 2008


Side-by-Side Shaved Ice Refrigerator

Kenmore Elite Side-by-Side Refrigerator with Shaved Ice. From smoothies and slushies to ice packs and sore throat remedies, the shaved ice dispenser brings new possibilities to homeowners. Creates simple and convenient home entertaining opportunities, such as chilled food platters and specialty drinks. Available in November with retail price ranging from $1,800 to $2,000.

The impressive looking Northland refrigerator, 60SS is a large, commercial style, built-in refrigerator, suitable for the most demanding professional chefs. The 39.3 cubic feet of total storage capacity is divided between 15.1 cubic feet of freezer storage with ice maker, and 24.2 cubic feet of refrigerator storage. This stainless steel inside and out fridge-freezer was the industry first 60" wide Side-by-Side refrigerator, capable of storing huge quantities of food for extended time. Separate cooling systems, stainless steel framed shelves with crystal clear tempered glass, MasterFlo slotted freezer shelf, convenient split door bins, clear crispers and white daylight interior lighting. The price is around $7,300.

No reviews of refrigerators are completed without mentioning Sub-Zero brand. The Sub-Zero Pro 48 refrigerator, 648PROG with glass door is Side-by-Side refrigerator can be set up as a built-in or a freestanding. Refrigerator comes with precision-built, auto-close hinges which help doors to swing easily open, and allow to finish closing effortlessly and automatically. Intelligent controls sense usage patterns and adjust accordingly. Sub-Zero equips the Pro 48 with two compressors and three evaporators to keep foods fresher longer and prevent odor transfer. Sabbath Mode powers down one or both sides of refrigerator for extended periods or just the weekend and the refrigerator-freezer is certified by Star-K to meet religious regulations. Exterior digital display shows your preset temperatures accurate within one degree. Automatic ice maker door open alarm, specially treated, triple-pane UV resistant glass and replaceable water filter. Inside, the Sub-Zero refrigerator features soft glowing LED lights, 2 versatile, removable bins for small items, touch-and-glide vegetables crisper with a tight-seal glass lid and dividable drawers with adjustable, removable and interchangeable dividers, cantilevered and spill-proof shelves with stainless steel trim on refrigerator side, and adjustable, removable and completely stainless steel on freezer side. Refrigerator capacity is 18.4 cu. ft. and freezer capacity is 11.7 cu. ft. The price for the 648PROG is $13,800.

The latest beverage refrigerator from U-Line Echelon Series is 2175BEV beverage center. This refrigerator comes with a full wrap stainless steel cabinet and door frame, contoured vertical handle and soft lines. An optional commercial style door handle is also available. If you prefer integrated undercounter beverage centers, there is an overlay model that accepts a custom-made wood door frame to match surrounding cabinetry. The black interior of this beverage refrigerator creates a rather dramatic backdrop for the cans and bottles. 2 maple trimmed sliding wine racks are enhanced with contoured natural wood fronts. As with other undercounter beverage refrigerators from U-Line Appliances, this center maintains a distinct wine storage temperature zone at 45º F and chills up to 48 12 oz. bottles and 63 12 oz. cans on 2 removable glass shelves below at 38º F. A touch control panel located in the bottom of the refrigerator, displays the current temperature reading and puts the ability to adjust it right at your fingertips. Main features are wine bottle capacity for up to 16 .75 liter bottles, tinted thermal glass, self-closing doors, adjustable ON/OFF interior light and door-open alarm. The stainless steel beverage refrigerator available as right- or left-hand hinged and retails for $1,800, while the overlay model with reversible doors is priced at $1,550. U-Line Appliances.

The new GE Profile dishwasher is the second generation of its SmartDispense dishwasher with deep steam cleaning feature. As its predecessor. the GE Profile SmartDispense2 dishwasher stores the contents of an entire 47 ounce bottle of liquid or gel detergent and dispenses depending on water hardness, cycle selection, and soil level of dishes. The new GE dishwasher now offers a Deep Clean Wash program for heavily soiled dishes. The program incorporates steam to help rid dishes of the most difficult messes, such as starches, eggs, rice, peanut butter and oatmeal. Hot vapor is forced through tiny pinholes under high pressure, virtually melting away soils on the dirtiest dishes. GE also equips this Profile dishwasher with a pure steam prewash option that helps pretreat dishes, leaving china and crystal sparkling and virtually streak-free. SmartDispense technology allows for dispensing detergent throughout the wash cycle. This is the only dishwasher on the market with this technology. By pairing the SmartDispense technology with the BrilliantClean towerless wash system with CleanSensor, the GE dishwasher is able to sense details about every load, adjusting cycle time and water temperature to get dishes remarkably clean. Dishwasher also looks very stylish with the new blue colored racking, featuring an adjustable upper rack and an enhanced silverware basket. Available with top controls hidden, or a sleek front control panel, the dishwasher comes in stainless steel, black or white finishes, or in a custom-panel-ready option. Prices for GE Profile SmartDispense2 dishwasher range from $1,130 to 1,400, and all models will be available in August 2008.

GE over the range microwave oven from GE Cafe series has 2.0 cubic feet of capacity and comes with GE exclusive dual-distribution system, that combines 1,100 watts of cooking power, a rotating turntable, and a top and second side stirrer for exceptionally even heating and defrosting of food, delivering excellent cooking and reheating results. EasyGuide menu system is designed for families on the go, featuring easy-to-use touch screen which automatically leads you through each step of the cooking process.


A quiet, yet powerful, hidden vent has 4-speed, including a high-powered boost option, and with 315 CFM keeps the kitchen air clean, while halogen interior and exterior lights provides enhanced viewing when cooking inside or below the microwave. This GE over the range microwave oven also has Quick Defrost for an even defrosting of one pound of ground beef up to 50% faster than GE previous over the range microwaves, without cooking the food. Soften Feature works exceptionally well for heavy foods like butter and cream cheese, as well as frozen ice cream. Other features of this GE Cafe microwave include 10 power levels, 2 racks, programmable electronic touch controls with LCD display and digital clock. The price for this stainless steel GE over the range microwave oven is $720. GE Appliances.

, RGTC-305 is the professional self-cleaning gas range with 5-burner cooking surface sealed for easy cleaning. Powerful center burner delivers up to 17,500 BTU, combining with two 12,500 BTU burners for amazing cooking flexibility. Patented Dual Flow Burners allow for consistently lower simmer temperatures as low as 140° F. Offering a lot in mere 30 inches, the self-cleaning range has DCS own True Gas Convection oven that uses the fan and burner together to actively pull and redistribute heat throughout for more even temperature, glass-sealed broiling burner and DCS proprietary 3-rack, 4-position Roller Rack System for safer removal of pans. Features of this 30" range also include 4.1 cubic feet of oven space, glass-sealed broiling burner element for even radiant heat, largest cooking area in category, island trim and unique DCS control knobs. The price for this very versatile residential 30" range is $4,800

Sunday, June 15, 2008


We LOVE Hoboken. Really we do. We are just SO frustrated with the lack of room and the size of the apartments we can afford. We can't live in this apartment much longer as we are all going insane but the alternatives are insane. To pay an additional $600 a month for 300 more feet seems absurd.
From the very start I've gotten wonderful therapists both who work in the Hoboken school system. Annette who does the behavioral therapy with Brian is going to be teaching the 3 year olds next year at the school PJ is in now. His ABA therapist Janice is a Master Teacher with the school system and has been there for 30 plus years and has major influence and amazing contacts. She's pulling every single string she has to see if we can get Brian in Annette's class next year. (This means he would be in a mainstream class and not in special needs)
Both women have assisted me and guided me and supported me through all the tests and meetings and have been there for every form I've had to fill out.
When they know Brian is in the building both seek him out to talk tot he evaluator and give them background on him and help they fill in the gaps.
They have invested time and resources and energy on my little guy and not because they have to but because they are good women who care about my little son and want to see the very best for him.
If we left Hoboken for greener pastures I couldn't ever find this again. I know that. I know something really special is going on here for the benefit of my Lion.
He's got this team of folks who really know him, have seen his rapid and amazing progress and will get him in the best situation. They know who he is and what he can do. Another school system wouldn't. They would see what is on paper and base their decisions on that.
I've decided that we need to sacrifice our space for the well being of my small guys. I can survive this shoebox if it means Brian will continue to grow and flourish and if I can rest easy knowing so many people had a hand in getting him into the right situation.
SO...two weeks ago I saw a for sale sign on the building next to ours. It got me thinking that maybe we should go and look at it.
Long story short it's a clone of our current apartment. Same damn thing just in nicer shape. So we are buying it.
The Realtor measured the rooms for me. Here is what he got
Kitchen: 15x8
Living Room: 7widex11deep
Back Bedroom: 6.75x11
Front Bedroom: 9.5x11
Bathroom: 5x8
Foyer: 3x12
without further adieu I give you my dream decor...
This is the kitchen.

I hate the cabinets. They give me hives. They are so ugly and icky. Our current apartment has the same ones. I'd love to rip them out and put in shelves.
My dream drawers would be something like these:

But in reality I'd need something more like these:
Imagine a BREAD DRAWER...I think I might sell PJ for this fridge:
The Subzero pro 48

YIKES! Turns out I might HAVE to sell PJ for this fridge.
Subzero pro 48 $12,949.00
Okay maybe I'll settle for this one:
Sub-Zero 36" All Refrigerator, 601RG it's only around $6,000

I also love the Smeg fridge and with a sticker price of around $2,000 it seems like a bargain!

It's also a fraction of the size I think of a regular fridge so what if we did the Smeg with an under counter beverage center?

Along the wall they have the table on
I'd want something like this. More counter space is what we are needing here in this place now.
Of course I'd take either of these as well...

I'd put a deep tall cabinet next to the counters for storing items like paper towels, toilet paper, ziploc bags and all the pantry items so it's easy to get to and easy to use.

The lighting in the kitchen is awful
Two of the ugliest fixtures ever created. Tell me they don't look like breasts!

I'd like to see something like these:
and this for the living room rather than a fan:

The entrance "hall" is very narrow and the door is directly across from the bathroom. You open the door and see the bathroom. I'd like to do something like this with the entrance way.

This is the bathroom. Not horrible but not great either. I'd love to do some subway tiles in there with a freestanding pedestal sink.

LOVE this sink from Pottery Barn. I think it would lend itself very well to a bathroom like the above.

HOWEVER I also like this sink:and think it would look amazing in a dramatic bath like these

I want to use a mirror like this one:

Rather than a medicine cabinet I'd love some shelves with these containers:

We are swapping out the two bedrooms. Mike and I are going to take the room we have the kids in now and our king bed is going to slide in there and fit like a built in.
This is sort of the concept of what it will look like:

I'd like to put risers under the legs to jack the bed up so we can put stuff under it.

For the living room:
The Pottery Barn Square Slipcovered Sofa in Espresso. (If we decide to paint the walls the yummy chocolate brown I want to do) According to the dimensions it will just fit in the little sofa nook.

Overall: 79" wide x 36" deep x 36" high
Seat: 67" wide x 23" deep x 20" high
Seat Back: 18" high
Arm: 6" wide x 25" high
Leg: 2" diameter x 2" high
Back height: 29" high
Diagonal Depth: 32"
Seat Cushions (3): 22" wide x 26" deep x approximately 8" thick
Outer Back T-Cushions (2): 29" wide x 18" high x approximately 10" thick
Center Back Cushion (1): 23" wide x 18" high x approximately 10" thick
Thickness of Padding on Outer Arm and Outer Back: 1/4"
Thickness of Padding on Inner Arm: 1"
Thickness of Padding on Inner Back: 1"
Weight: 140 pounds
Packaged Weight: 140 pounds
Packaged Dimensions: 81" wide x 41" deep x 39" high

I must have these pillows for the couch at whatever the cost:

Since space is so limited in the apartment we need to make every inch count and get creative with storage.
I think this metal steamer trunk would make a great coffee table while doubling as a place to put papers or items we don't need to get at on a regular basis.

In a simiar fashion to this living room:

Toss some of this fabric over it and we are all good to go:

I would LOVE to put some of the Victoria Ghost Chairs across from the couch:

but I'm not sure how practical they would be.
I think perhaps two of these instead.

Overall: 36" wide x 36" deep x 36" high
Seat: 24" wide x 23" deep x 20" high
Seat Back: 18" high
Arm: 6" wide x 25" high
Leg: 5” tapered x 2" high
Back height: 29" high
Diagonal Depth: 32"
Seat Cushion (1): 26" wide x 23" deep x approximately 9" thick
Back T-Cushion: (1): 35" wide x 18" high x approximately 10" thick
Weight: 60 pounds
Packaged Weight: 65 pounds
Packaged Dimensions: 44" wide x 41" deep x 39" high

There is this one corner that I have NO idea what to do with. It's by the entrance to the master bedroom and it's just this little space that nothing seems to work in.
Maybe this:
I just saw this and a very ambitious lightbulb went off in my brain.
What about a custom built in?
We could have a wooden base built. Something similar to a window seat but make it the dimensions of a twin mattress. We could have shelves or cubbies under it for more storage Something similar to this:

but not looking so much like a bed. cover it with lots of fun throw pillows and when we have guests we have a place for them to sleep...
Dunno. Just a silly thought. You will see lots of them in the coming weeks...