Thursday, September 1, 2011


Because this is what I do when I obsess on a home, or when my very patient husband shows a glimmer of interest.
I decorate and furnish it before I've even stepped foot into it.
It's a sickness people. Bear with me.

We will start with the kitchen.
It looks small and while the style is not mine at all, I see great potential here. The appliances would all have to be updated but that's easy to do. Click on photos to enlarge.

Ideas that could work for this small space:

I'm assuming this area used to be the pulpit for the church and while there are no really clear photos of it, I think it would make a divine (no pun intended) more casual eating area.

What I envision it could be:

What appears to be a more formal dining area. This sort of space is something I crave because as my boys get bigger they will have friends over, and I would love to have more than 2 people over to my home at a time and be able to feel them all in the same place...

The lights they have up are too small and I'm clearly drawn to large borderline obnoxious chandilers.

The Bathroom. I have no idea what the layout of this bathroom is really nor do I have any clue of dimensions but going on the tub I love it.

What I see might work:

There are also two other bathrooms

No clue what to do with these two..

Living area. The current owners clearly have a love for wicker.

To me a church needs to have (okay, maybe doesn't NEED but can nautrally handle) heavier darker colors and pieces of furniture.

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