Monday, January 11, 2010

Lion Manor Update

So I didn't share with you guys because I needed to process it a little bit.
I got an email from someone who found my blog and who has actually been inside 101 Main Street aka Chilton House aka Lion Manor.
The long story short is my gal is in nightmare shape. She needs a complete overhaul. Mold, water damage, electrical issues, all new windows, landscaping. She needs someone with super deep pockets and a love of renovations.
I've got one but not the other.
I'm still not giving up on her. I still think she could be amazing and beautiful and so wish I could come up with the financing to make her into the success I know Lion Manor can be.
If she isn't sold come summertime I'm going to go and see her for myself...


John said...

Just to update you on the Chilton House. As the Listing Agent for this wonderful home it is my pleasure to say that we have found a Buyer interested in restoring the charm of this wonderful home.

John Ciepiela-RE/MAX Integrity Realtors, Inc.

Diana said...

Please if you are able keep us updated and if you ever get any photos I would LOVE to see them.
I still can't explain why I'm so attached to this property but I am.
She's a super special home and I hope the new owners do right by her!

fyrikaos said...

ok girlie i'm looking for the original post about this place - i'm vaguely remembering you talk about it - but i can't seem to find it! link me baby!

Diana said...