Saturday, August 15, 2015

294 Genesee Street Utica NY

Oh my poor poor gal!
According to the owner the structure is sound and the renovations that need to take place are cosmetic.
Clearly a company like 1800Junk needs to be called to come and clean the mess and the walls need to be completely stripped and repainted, the ceilings need massive attention and the carpet needs to be taken up on the 3rd floor...Oh and the kitchen needs to be redone. (The kitchen is NOT the one with the water heater and the old fashioned stove. That is a servants or second kitchen) My overall impression is she needs help but is not beyond repair. She's on the brink of no return but if someone is willing to put in the time and energy and really show her the love and respect she deserves this home could be insanely amazing...

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