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21656 Route 6 Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, 16743

21656 Route 6
Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, 16743
6,000 sq ft
4 beds
4 baths

Here is your chance to restore a piece of history as either a grand residence or commercial enterprise, and have a guest house, managers residence nearby as a bonus.
The Lynn Hall property is listed on the National Register of Historic Places in the area of architectural significance. Lynn Hall was designed and built by Walter Hall, a self taught designer/builder who built many amazing buildings throughout this area but is best known as the builder of the Frank Lloyd Wright\’s iconic design residence Fallingwater. However, all of the beautiful stonework, blue slate accents, slate flooring, built ins, concrete cantilvers, stunning fireplaces and recessed lighting he brought to Fallingwater were first utilized in Lynn Hall. Both are fine examples of a version of what would become known as organic & prairie style.

The Lynn Hall property consists of 9 wooded acres, the historic Lynn Hall and the equally historic cottage, referred to as the Pump House. The Pump House is completely restored and is used as an owner residence. The cottage contains all of the beautiful stonework, slate flooring, built ins and unique design that Mr. Hall first introduced in Lynn Hall. The Pump House would be the prototype of the organic style homes he and his son, R.V. Hall, would design and build throughout their later careers.
Lynn Hall sits just off US Route 6, a mile and a half west of Port Allegany, Pennsylvana. The long axis of the building sits NNE and has expansive views of the Allegany River valley below.

Lynn Hall sat almost unused for 30 years. Time had taken a toll on the building as it sat empty on the side of the hill in the cold, wet Pennsylvania forest. Current owners spent the past two and a half years clearing the clutter, ridding the building of the rotten wet finishes and general debrie, to find an amazingly solid structure. At present the Lynn Hall building is stripped of all interior finish to allow a detailed structural assessment. Currently it has operable hot and cold running water, two working bathrooms, a working sewage system and four fireplace, one with a gas log insert. The next step in the restoration process is to update the electrical system, insulation and heating before adding the final finish. Lynn Hall has approximately 5000 sq. ft of living space.
Lynn Hall is made up of a series of different levels and functions.

The building is built on a solid slate bedrock foundation. Floor levels and room depths were a function of the site. The building is built into the hillside. All hillside walls are plumb and true.

Entry. There is a long low wooden entry area with side bench and oak/glass entry area. Wide slate steps lead to the main entry.The interior entry hall is also slate floored with a wooden bench along one side. To the right is the entry to the restaurant and ahead up various levels of steps are the other levels of the building.
Restaurant. To the right/west is the old restaurant with slate floors, stone walls and huge stone faced fireplace along one end and a half wall of glass window panes roadside. There are operable windows on the east and west ends of the room.

Kitchen. Behind the restaurant is the old restaurant kitchen that is now empty. The roof had collapsed and was rebuilt. There is an upper window array made up of glass block and a single operable window. Water valves and drains are in working order.

Service area and small apartment. Back in the main entry are three steps and to the left/east to two restrooms, an old bedroom with bathroom and living space. The living space also has slate floors and fireplace. Outside the living space is a back set of steps to a family apartment wing. There is an exterior door leading outside to a slate landing, stone bridge across the pond area and to the front walk. Unique curved slate steps and landing inside.

Fountain room. Back in the main entry slate and concrete steps go up to the fountain room. The fountain water flows underneath the building and creates as series of waterfalls and pond in front of the building. Two sides of the fountain room are slate/stone walls with an upper window array of glass block. From the fountain room are a series of exits to other areas. One leads to the family apartment area. One leads to a back hall and exit. One leads to the balcony area. One leads to what was originally a private dining room. One leads to the small ballroom.

Balcony. The balcony area is up three steps The room has a half concrete/half wood backwall. Two wood endwalls with an upper window array. The long side is open to the main ballroom area. The room was often utilized for the band or head table at wedding receptions held in the hall.

Dining room. The steps up to the dining area have a small stone, metal and wood rail landing. Inside the dining area has an array of indirect lights and wood cantilever celing area. There is an exterior door out to a small balcony and storeroom. Windows cover the entire roadside wall and balcony wall. The one wall is open to the ballroom area.
Ballroom. This large space had maple flooring under the dance floor and oak under the side table areas. Another stone/slate fireplace wall. An exterior door leading out to a large balcony. Recessed lighting all around.

Butlers pantry. Off the ballroom, behind a half wall of stone is a door to the butlers pantry area. There are counters and shelving throughout and sink area. One door leads to an old patio area. One door leads to the back hall and outside. One door leads to the balcony.

Storeroom/closet area. A door off the fountain room leads to a room used for many things over the years. The room has three walls of concrete and one wall of glass block. A second door leads down two steps and up four to the family apartment wing. That back hall also has the steps down to the lower level apartment.

Family apartment. A long hall with slate floors connect several rooms. The hall is lit by a wall of glass block in the second bedroom.

Bedroom 1.The first room on the left is a small bedroom with built in desk, dresser and closet. Built for a single bed only or as a small office/den.
Bedroom 2. The second bedroom has slate floors, a glass block wall, a roadside window array and built in drawers and closets. Built for a queen size bed.
Bedroom 3. The old master bedroom with built in drawers, dressing table and double closets. Roadside window array.

Laundry/work room. Across the hall from the bedrooms is a large room utilized as a laundry/storage room. The is an exterior door to back walkway.

Bathroom. Industrial block tile walls, tub, pedestal sink and toilet. Glass block window and built in storage.

Living, dining and kitchen area. At the end of the hall two steps lead down to the open concept area. Dining area across from the living area and next to the galley kitchen. 

Entire hillside wall has a long counter and storage behind sliding doors. Ktichen has sloped upper cabinets and under cabinet lighting.
Living space has two semi-attached couches along outter walls and a fireplace wall of stone. Roadside window array and large windows out to the patio area.

Patio. Cut slate pieces cover a large patio area. A back walkway leads back to the storeroom door. The is a slate stairway down to the front of the building. Beyond the patio area is a long grass yard and slate walk to the cottage.

Cottage. The cottage has a large concrete patio overlooking the valley and has a cut slate walkway. There is a main living space with in floor heated slate floors, a fireplace and stone wall array, a cantilevered area with large windows overlooking the valley and Lynn Hall. There is a small built in bench and dining booth next to the compact kitchen. 

Behind the kitchen is a laundry/pantry area with an exterior door to a back patio area. Out the kitchen is an exterior door to the west patio. There is a small bathroom with sink, toilet and shower lit by an orange glass block window. The bedroom wing has two bedrooms off a long hall with an exterior door to a side entry. Off the hall to the right is a large den/music room with an exterior door leading to a hidden patio area. The cottage is the residence of the current owners.

Lynn Hall. At present the entire building has been stripped to the studding and base structure. New electrical panel installation and new wiring is in process. Sprayed insulation is scheduled for mid December. Water and sewage system is a combination of copper and PVS piping.
The flat roofi is covered with a combination of standard built up tar and gravel with center drains, and EPDM rubber. The entire covering is scheduled for replacement in late 2016.

The builidng exterior is almost 70 percent stone and slate. Areas have been tuckpointed recently but other area will need to be tuckpointed. Two small retaining walls off the east patio area are leaning and will have to be reset.

Windows are a mix of old fixed glass panes and operable steel windows manufactured by Hope Windows of Jamestown New York.

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