Thursday, March 17, 2016

2310 E 75th St, Chicago, IL 60649

2310 E 75th St,
Chicago, IL 60649
2 beds 3 baths 4,850 sqft

Features storefront, work/flex space, & 1000 sq ft living space, custom designer fixtures/installs, skylights, & 10' rear garage entry. Great potential for retrofitting to accommodate cafe, recording studio, fitness center/juice bar, salon, spa, art studio, retail, etc. Close to lake, Metra, South Shore Culture Center and Dorcester Art + Living. 15 minute drive to Loop. Plenty of street parking and drive in several cars.
Currently needs partial renovation after previous tenant and weather damage, approx $20,000-$23,000. renovation planned for May-June 15, 2016.
I will renovate and price is $145,000 or sell as is for $99,000.
Zoned B3-2, taxes $7400 per year with contesting yearly.
Utilities approx. $200-$350 per month.
Renovation list estimate (I have professional estimates):
Demo, cleaning and debris removal -$2000
Electric and fixtures- $1500
garage door and other repairs- $1000
framing, insulation and drywall: $3000
Carpentry: $1000
Roofing: $4000
Glazing: $3000
Painting: $2000
Carpet tiles and floors $1500
Misc: $2000
Total Estimate: $22,500
Thank you for looking. 

Unique multi purpose freestanding brick building with numerous designer finishes and featured on two HGTV shows and published in Chicago Tribune Magazine. 15 minutes to Loop.

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