Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania $40,000

Bedrooms: 0
Approximate square footage: 6000
Contact: Michael H. Mohr, MD

Under Sales Agreement

This exceptional piece of architecture is being offered by the few remaining members of The German United Evangelical Independent Congregation of Spring Hill (Spring Hill Church). The church is located on the Northside of Pittsburgh, PA, with an address of 1620 Rhine Street, 15212.

The congregation is being dissolved owing to extremes of age and an inability to financially maintain the building.

The congregation was first established in 1889, and was known as the First German United Evangelical Protestant Church. Services were conducted in the German language until 1930. Five generations of my family have been members.

The cornerstone of the building was laid in 1902, with formal dedication in November. The architect was Eugene Ernst and it was modeled on the European Renaissance style. An article in a local newspaper sums up the architectural significance of our church quite well; you may view the article by pasting in the following url into your browser: www.pittsburghlive.com/x/search/s_276066.html


  • Zoning is R1AH, meaning single family residential, but still can be used as a church.
  • 3,400 sq ft lot, with similarly sized adjoining lots on either side, which might be available from their respective owners. Please contact them directly.
  • 6,000 sq ft total floor space
  • 2,500 sq ft Sanctuary
  • 2,500 sq ft Social Hall with stage
  • 1,000 sq ft sub-basement with kitchen and dumb waiter
  • Exterior entrances to all 3 levels
  • 2 baths with sink and commode only. No showers or tubs.
  • 19 stained glass windows
  • 6 stained glass ceiling lights
  • 4 large murals of Jesus, painted by the second Pastor of the church, Reverend W. K. Geese, in the early part of the 20th century.
  • Twenty three oak pews, 12' long
  • Oak altar
  • Oak pulpit
  • Marble baptismal font
  • 36" bronze functional church bell
  • Boiler was functional through this past winter, now winterized.
  • All utilities except electricity were shut off this summer.

Please refer to the accompanying URL for a photo album.

The roof is in need of repair, with resulting water damage to ceiling and wall plaster in the Sanctuary and Social Hall. Some of the copper supply plumbing has been stripped by vandals. Wall plumbing remains intact. The electrical system is fuse based.

For very specific satellite imagery of the location, please go to: http://maps.google.com/maps?ll=40.464091,-79.992185&spn=0.003451,0.006870&t=h&hl=en Take the image to maximum magnification. The church sits at the head of the R in Rhine Street, just North of the intersection with Walz street. Photos of the church can be found at www.albumtown.com/mohrmh

We are keen on finding someone who will respect and maintain the architecture, understanding however, that not all attributes of the building might be desired. As such, the structure is also available sans windows, pews, etc.

After expenses, proceeds of this sale will go to charity.

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