Saturday, July 24, 2010

1879 Victorian: Second Empire & a rant

This house is totally WOW worthy but you know what makes me a little insane?
Homes that are listed with photos like this one. I'm betting it's beautiful on the inside but I'll never have any idea because the owner decided not to show me.
Would you buy a shirt from a catalog if I only showed you a close up of a button?! Would you buy shoes if I showed you the shoelaces only or the sole of the shoe?
I seriously doubt you would.
Here's a little tip: When you are selling a house, ESPECIALLY when you are doing it as a by owner transaction SELL YOUR HOUSE. Entice me to buy it! Show me why I should give you my hard earned dough. Take the time to take good pictures.
Photos that are current and aren't blury or dark or washed out and for GOD'S SAKE get the dog, cat, goldfish and grandma Rosenzweig OUT of the photo.
I ran across a listing for a home and the photo for the living room had the absolute creepiest man sitting on a rag tag sofa with this look on his face that made me feel like my soul had just been violated. To make it worse, he was in his underwear.
That told me a couple of things.
1. The owners didn't care how they presented their home and didn't love the home the way it should have been loved.
2. The Realtor was horseshit. Clearly she was way too busy to go back and take a decent photo showing what was otherwise a lovely living room.NEXT....
Owners need to take photos of their homes. You LIVE there! You know where the beauty lies, you know when a room gets the best light, you know angles and details that a Realtor wouldn't know.
Don't trust someone (unless it's me!) to photograph your home. They don't live there and if it's a Realtor, they often don't care about much other than moving the house.

Okay back to this beautiful home.

My first reaction when I saw this gal was that she reminded me of the top tier of a wedding cake. The house looks to me like someone took a huge old Victorian, yanked off a turret and put it here. It's beautiful and it makes me smile. I love it! I truly only wish I could see more photos or have more of a description of her!

1879 Victorian: Second Empire
Vassar, Michigan
Wedding Cake House
$ 179,900
Bedrooms: 5
Full Bath(s): 2
Heated Sq. Ft.: 3000
Stories: 2

Lot Size: 330X528
Acres: 4.410

MLS #: 210066479
Listing #: 6426
Regristered Historical Home, Richard C. Brutis built for his bride. Includes an orginal carriage house.


Richard Peacock said...

I enjoyed your blog on the Richard C. Burtis home... I too was captivated by this home. It's beautiful! I have been looking at it for weeks now! There are some additional photos on the realtor's webpage. Check them out at:

The direct link to the home is below:

Diana said...

thank you so much for sharing that link! The home IS beautiful and the photos on the Realtor's website confirm it!
Are you in the area at all? Can you go and visit it?

Conrad Dowe said...

I loved the house. Thats why I bought it.

Conrad Dowe said...

I loved the house. Thats why I bouhgt it.


Diana said...

Conrad, you are a very lucky man! Congrats on buying such a beautiful home.

Richard Peacock said...

Hi Diana, I am sorry, I just got your message, I am no where near Vassar, Mi. Sorry... I would love to hear about the area though? Conrad if you have time, I would love to know what it is like there. I am looking for a vacation property near a lake and thought what better place than Michigan. Any insight into the area would be much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I've always loved it too.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the Facebook page for the Richard C. Burtis home

Jessica Dowe said...

if anybody would like more on the home there is a facebook page and wikipidia under Richard C Burtis home