Saturday, July 24, 2010

Wheeling, West Virginia $189,000

HELLO MOMMA! (Turns into Tex Avery wolf)New favorite out of area property! Dear HEAVENS!
Looking at this place I want to move to Wheeling, West Virgina and open my cupcake shop here! Tell me you can't see it. That shop is SO PERFECT for it!
Watching the video I got all excited about it till I saw it was only one bedroom and I got all sad and then she went up to the studio and I got all happy again!
Hey husband of mine, when do we move?
Now THIS is how it should be done! This beauty has her on video up on YouTube!

Wheeling, West Virginia $189,000
Bedrooms: 2
Approximate square footage: 4000
Contact: Natalie: 201-240-7620

The Thoner House, circa 1877
Storefront and Living Quarters

This breathtaking Thoner House built in 1877. Is full of original detail such as wood trim throughout, built-in cabinetry, original hardware and fixtures, and 3 spectacular mantels. It is located in the busiest spot of Historic Centre Market in Wheeling West Virginia.

So I've come back to edit this post and add a little more info on the area and fuel the flames of my new obsession.

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This is the Center Market that she shows on the video.
Here is the Wiki on the town

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