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294 N Broad St, Globe, AZ 85501

294 N Broad St, Globe, AZ 85501
6,336 SF
The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company, which, in addition to its principal house at Globe, has branches at Ray, Winkleman, Morenci, Clifton, Hayden, Safford and Miami, has proven a most important factor in the business growth of that section of Arizona, and done much in aiding to success hundreds of people engaged in mining, agriculture, and cattle raising in the vicinity of its houses. The advantages possible in this particular have been considerably increased by the fact that eight banks in different towns, but all under one strong and capable management cover a greater area with much more expedience than would be possible by the same number of individual banking companies, even though the aggregate of their resources were greater than those of the Gila Valley Bank Si Trust Company. Under this arrangement the people of the smallest of these towns have the benefit of dealing with a large institution, in reality, for they appreciate the fact that each branch is as strong and as high in its financial responsibility as the entire system behind it. They realize also that should any of the ordinary financial difficulties be met with in their immediate locality, the local bank need not necessarily be put to any exceptional test as would otherwise doubtless be the case, to meet the demands of depositors needlessly alarmed, but having the strength of the entire Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company to rely upon, the situation would never assume serious proportions.
1The Gila Bank & Trust Company was organized in 1900 with a capitalization of $100,000, all of which is paid in. They have a surplus of $60,000, and deposits amounting to almost $2,000,000. In all their branches they transact a general banking business, loan money, buy and sell exchange, make collections and receive deposits, both for commercial and savings accounts, and utilize every modern system which in any way tends to benefit financial transactions.
The Gila Valley Bank & Trust Company has in its employ in each of its houses men who are well trained in banking, and familiar with every detail of the requirements of their position. This is notably true of the manager?, many of whom have received their bank training in the very best possible way, in large eastern houses, either national banks or private banking firms, where emergencies must be met and questions coped with that broaden a man's horizon in this calling and develop in him the power to quickly respond to the unusual demands of the day and to rise to the occasion and satisfactorily dispose of matters of a special nature requiring his attention.
The officers of the company are as follows: President C. E. Mills; Vice Presidents, L. D. Ricketts and T. A. Pascoe; Cashier, Harry S. Van Gorder ; General Manager, R. E. Moore, all of whom are prominently known in the business enterprises of the state.

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