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62 W 100 N Monroe, UT 84754

You need to read the owners description of this home but I love the concept of being able to have roller disco night with my family…I REALLY wish there were more photos…

62 W 100 N Monroe, UT 84754

Price cut: -$100,000 (5/18)
Zestimate®: $229,730

3 beds 3 baths 11,000 sqft

Historic Monroe Theatre - For Sale/Trade/1031 Exchange
The Historic Monroe Pavilion was built in 1907 and was the center of the community. 
It was built by the famous craftsman who built the round windows for the Salt Lake Temple. 
It was built like the Salt Lake Tabernacle with a large domed ceiling and roof design like an inverted ships hull. 
It is the most historic building in the entire area. 
It was used as a dance hall, theater for traveling road shows, site of basket ball games, movie house, sewing factory (during the war), roller skating rink, a private residence... 
It is about 11,000 total square feet with potential for over 17,000+ total square feet. 
The front house area is about 3,200 square feet in two stories. 
The gymnasium area is over 4,000 sf so you can play full-court basketball, volleyball (a couple of games at a time), roller skating, bicycling, jogging, exercise/dance/martial arts classes... 
The stage area is about 3 stories high with about 1,500 sf footprint. 
Most of the stage is still there and most of the 'fly loft' has fallen down.
We bought the house to use for our family with 7 young kids. We loved the idea of having room for them to play and run and climb all year round, regardless of the weather. 
Unfortunately we were not able to move down there and decided to stay up in Salt Lake City Area. 
You will need to get a structural engineer (or there is an expert already familiar from the University of Utah). The county inspector wants items addressed (e.g. support outer brick walls - plan was to do interior stick frame, support beams over stage opening...). 
You may be able to qualify for historic grants or tax credits as it is a very historic building.
The wooden arches and structure are in incredible shape (still a lot of amber color). 
You could repair the stage area with additional floor(s), interior walls... to have 3,000 to 4,500 square feet in just that back area for apartments, spa (hot springs already in the area), Bed & Breakfast... 
The total square footage could be 17,000+ square feet while still keeping a 3,600 sf gymnasium/cultural hall area. 
That is a lot of area for a mansion or B&B rooms, meeting rooms, assisted living center (already two others in town)...
It would make a lot of sense for someone to finish as a Bed and Breakfast, Spa (there are hot springs in that exact area), community center, apartments, multi-plex with gymnasium, mansion with guest house(s), wedding reception center, indoor playground for kids (told there aren't any others in the entire area except for McDonalds in Richfield), restore as a theater/pavilion, ultimate mansion...
Monroe is off of I-70 and a few blocks from the hot springs and Monroe mountain. 
It is legal to drive ATV's on the roads in town. 
You are right next to mountains, canyons, lakes, streams, hot springs, ATV trails... 
The property is right across the street from the city park, elementary school, library on a quiet street. 
We have talked about how it would be an amazing spa/B&B due to the location near I-70 which is a major thoroughfare from back East to Southern California, Las Vegas... There are hundreds of miles without many services so it would be a good stopping point for travelers.
We are considering all offers - sell for cheap for cash, partial finance... or trade or partial trade for recreation property, RV, house/investment property closer to SLC... The only requirement is that the new owners do not demolish this incredible, historical building. 
Let me know what you are considering and we can discuss.
Neighborhood Description

Across the quiet street from City Park, Library, Elementary School. Walking distance to Elementary, Junior, and High School... and quaint restaurants, Hot Springs, ATV and nature trails... 

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