Wednesday, June 25, 2014

146 E Main Street New Albany, IN

That yellow carpeting is charming...
Overall this is a VERY VERY cool building, if it's eligible for grants I'd apply my behind off to renovate this gal. She could be a one of a kind fantastic live/work space...

146 E Main Street New Albany, IN
16,640 SF

Situated between Main Street and the Ohio River. The main bldg, known as the Reisz Furniture Building is a 3 story brick with basement and a lot of windows. This building has drawn interest from those that do condo/apt conversion.

The main structure is likely the best to use for renovation offering 3 stories and a basement. Each floor is about 5280sf. The addition to the south would likely be removed to allow for private street level parking. There is plenty of City parking which is the lot to the south of the site.

The Riverfront Redevelopment District which, if you qualify, can allow you to secure a 3-way liquor license (beer, wine and liquor) for a mere $1000 a year. The license is not portable meaning it stays as long as the business stays and is transferable at the location its tied to.

The Revitalization of Downtown is ALIVE and well.

This building is located in the heart of Downtown New Albany in the Historic District.
Tax incentives and some grant funds may be available and are requested through the City of New Albany. Downtown has businesses as old as 178 years, 4500 employees, over 400 businesses, over 110 new businesses in the last 6 1/2 years like Comfy Cow (Now Open), Savon Boutiques, Wicks Pizza, Toast on Market, Mariposa Fine Consignment Boutique, River City Winery, Quills Coffee, Louis Le Francais, Coppermoon Gallery, Salon b, Primos Deli, Bread and Breakfast, Dress and Dwell, The Exchange Kitchen and Pub, Feast BBQ, Habana Blues (Cuban), Billows Cigar Lounge, Dragon Kings Daughter, UpTown Art, The Dandy Lion, Bank Street Brew House, Colokial, Cafe 27 and many more. The $25 million dollar YMCA is great and improves the quality of life for about 10,000 members. Great architectural features, supportive fellow business owners and a continuation of “Downtown Beautification”. Come see what's new in New Albany- A Great Historical Downtown. Come see why Downtown New Albany is flourishing in a down economy, and why you should join the effort.

Come be a part of the action and continued the continued revitalization creating a new life in one of our great "Historic Downtowns" in Southern Indiana. The City of New Albany officials in the Redevelopment Department can help with projects and answer questions you may have. The City has offered additional incentives that vary with the size and investment cost of the proposed project.

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