Tuesday, June 17, 2014

118 Orr Street, Piedmont, SC 29673

118 Orr Street, Piedmont, SC 29673

$79,900 (cash to seller)
8,000 SF

One-of-a-kind property with panoramic views overlooking the Saluda River. The 3,000 sf two story building has an uncommon old world charm with brick walls and large windows. The 5,000 sf cistern formerly used as part of a water filtration system can be used for storage, or potentially as a very large concrete patio.

Anyone with an artistic eye or a kayak will likely want to take a look at this one.

Commercial for sale by owner in Piedmont, SC 29673. Old brick water treatment plant on Saluda River bluff. Original brick bldg has at least 2,300 sq ft upper and street levels not including basement (also has 2 outside concrete water basins and additional 16x19 ft brick rm in back of bldg. All brick, concrete except for wood, rubber roof (roof refinished about 5 yrs. ago. Metal I-beams support roofs. Cast iron spiral staircase leads from street level to 2nd floor. Concrete circular reservoir (5,000 sq ft) has 2 very lar...

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Spelunkathon said...

Thanks for this page! I love your concept and that place. Had a tour as potential buyer. It's been sold by an agent named Matt Carter, hopefully to somebody who'll really give it a life. (Just tried calling Marlene but she couldn't or wouldn't talk. She was asking 100k and had apparently paid 45k many years ago.) It will be a job -- much brickwork needs repointing and a corner is already disintegrating. Weird layout -- what to do with the square room in between?

Trust you're aware of the stairway (completely obscured by foliage last I looked) and ladder leading down the hill to the old pump house on the river, part of the deal. Remnants of a little stair and pier at the bottom strongly indicate the river level was a yard higher. Maybe before they built the dam in Pelzer? But that would probably have been earlier.

Upstairs in the main plant were two huge square holes in the floor above tank-like areas on the lower level -- walled off on the ground floor making it L-shaped. A alternative-minded friend said they'd be perfectly for "growing" diesel fuel. The basement door is a drawbridge-type rectangle somebody carved out of the concrete floor. I don't believe the "panoramic views" include the river way down at the bottom of the cliff, which has a most unappealing, stagnant, discolored look. The geography is fantastically weird and other-worldly -- well, that's Piedmont for you.

Sorry if this is too much blab.