Monday, June 16, 2014

251 South Hickory Street. Mt.Carmel, PA 17851

I wonder if the owner would be offended by the idea of live/work in this space.

Church For Sale In Mt Carmel, Pennsylvania

$399 / Month Rent

A beautifully built all hand cut granite stone church building, built in 1876.
The church (St.Josephs) was originally founded by a Polish group of the Roman Catholic faith.
The church was sold to the public a few years ago. I purchased the church for the beautiful craftsmanship and love of the architecture, design, and style. The property is in AMAZING CONDITION and has ENDLESS OPPORTUNITIES both commercially, residentially, or both.
Inquire within for purchase or lease options!

251 South Hickory Street. Mt.Carmel, PA 17851
(Former St.Josephs Polish Founded Roman Catholic Church)
Owner: Anthony Giuffrida

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Anonymous said...

beyond gorgeous and awesome it was saved by someone who appreciated it...but do you know anything about the coal region? Maybe you do...there's more than a few reasons people are not flocking there.